How does a Micro scooter membership work?

A Micro scooter operates the same way as a bike membership. The contract is rolling, but you can cancel or exchange your scooter at any time! 

Can I exchange my Micro scooter for a bike and vice versa? 

Absolutely! You can exchange your bike for a Micro scooter or your Micro scooter for a bike at any point. These exchanges are free after 18 months and £10 before 18 months.

How do I pick the right size Micro Scooter?

The best way to ensure the right scooter is to measure the rider’s full height (with shoes on). On each Micros scooter’s product page, we have the size in height guidance and the maximum weight capacity. In a nutshell, this are the measurements for each scooter:

Mini Micro – 80cm -110cm 2 – 5 year olds

Maxi Micro – 110cm -152cm 5-12 year old

Micro Sprite – 110cm -152cm 5-12 year old 

Micro Speed – 10 years + (adult size)

Micro Scooter Set Up Guide

Whichever one of our Micro Scooters you choose, we’ve got you covered when it comes to getting it ready to ride! Each Micro scooter is delivered with guide but there are also some very handy videos available to assist in setting up your Micro Scooter. We’ve listed them for you here: