Wondering what the difference between a new bike and a reBike is? This guide gives you the low-down on the different bikes we offer here at Bike Club:

New bikes:

Our new bikes are delivered directly to our warehouse by our suppliers, where our mechanics then assemble these bikes and send them out.


A reBike, or refurbished bike, is exactly that: a previously owned bike that has been expertly serviced by our team of dedicated mechanics.

Choosing a reBike with us is a great option if you are looking to find an even more affordable bike that is of the highest quality and has enjoyed a previous life with another family. Our reBikes may have a few scratches and scuffs on them, but they will be in perfect working order.

Sometimes, our reBikes may not come with all the additional accessories you might expect such as the bell, reflectors or mudguards. This is because these are not always included with the bike when they are returned to us by our members. Therefore, we cannot guarantee your reBike will come with all the accessories that a new bike would. 

What sets our bikes apart?

We only work with suppliers who maintain high standards of design and production. Moore Large, Frog and Squish produce the best quality children’s bikes. They are incredibly high quality, lightweight and built purposefully for children.

Our bikes aren’t simply scaled down adult bikes – they put the child into the centre and design their bikes around children’s needs. 

The ‘Q Factor’ or ‘stance width’ of the bikes we stock highlights this perfectly. This is the distance between the outside of one crank arm to the outside of the opposite crank arm, which has been specially designed for children's measurements.