As a member of Bike Club, you can buyout anytime.

If you have made 36 months of payments the bike or scooter will become automatically yours and no additional charge is required. 


Alternatively, you can choose to buy the bike early by buying out your bike’s contract with us. This is a quick and simple process:  


1. To find out your buyout price, get in contact with the team via our website’s live chat or email us at

2. We can then look up your subscription details and work out how much it would cost for you to buy out your bike’s contract.

The price you pay will be calculated as the sum of the remaining monthly payments:

monthly subscription price x number of months remaining

For example, if you have a new Cubley 18 at £13.99 per month and have made 12 monthly payments, the calculation would be:

£13.99 x 24 = £279.80

3. If you’re happy to ahead, we’ll then charge this as a one-off payment through your GoCardless account. Your subscription will then be cancelled by us.  


Congratulations, your bike is now yours! We hope that you continue to enjoy endless hours of cycling!