How to prepare your bike for collection

If you have processed your exchange and need help with preparing your subscription bike for the collection, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the preparation and repackaging of your bike


  • There are some important parts of your bike that require the most attention when ensuring that it is clean and ready for collection; the cassette, the rear derailleur, the chain and the chainring guard:

Identifying the parts of your bike to clean

  • These areas should be cleaned with a light degreaser and firm bristle brush, both of which can be found at your local bike shop

  • Once you have wiped your bike, you will need to gently rinse it with water

  • For the rest of your bike, washing is simple - hot soapy water and a soft bristle brush will suffice

Drying your bike:

  • Simply gently wipe your bike down with a towel to ensure that it is not wet when collected and the box remains dry

Removing your bike's pedals:

  • Tool required: Spanner

  • Your bike’s pedals also need to be removed upon collection. This ensures that your bike’s box isn’t damaged in transit. Watch this handy video and your pedals will be off in no time:

If you find the pedals hard to remove, try applying a little grease around the crank arm - this should help the pedals come off easily.

We also have a guide on how to put your pedals on, which may help you better understand the steps required to take them off.

Turning your bike's handlebars:

  • Tool required: 5mm Allen key

bicycle allen key

  • Using a 5mm Allen key, loosen the two side bolts, as shown in the image below:

Diagram highlighting which nuts to tighten on your handlebars

Your handlebars are now ready to be turned:

1. Standing with the wheel between your legs is the best way to turn your handlebars so that they fit in the box:

Hold the bike wheel inbetween your lega and turn the handlebars

2. Finally, the bolts that were loosened in earlier now need to be tightened. Using an Allen key again, tighten the bolts as tight as they go.

Here is a guide to straightening your handlebars which may help you with this job.

You’re ready for collection day

Perfect! Your bike is now ready to be sent back to us, where our expert mechanics will check it over before it is sent out to a new loving owner who will have just as must as fun on it as you had.

Your bike will be collected by our couriers, Panther. The evening before your bike is due to be collected, they will send you a text which will provide you with a two hour time slot for the following day.

It's also really important not to cancel your direct debit with us - as soon as your bike is received by us, your subscription is cancelled automatically.

For further information on our returns process see our FAQs.

there is anything that you would like clarified, don’t worry, the Bike Club team are always on hand to help. Read more guides in our help pages or get in touch via live chat on our website or email: