What size do Giro bike helmets come in?

With over 30 years of research, Giro produces high quality helmets ranging from toddler to adult. As a world renowned brand, Giro prides itself on their attention to detail to provide you with the best equipment for your cycle adventures. Our Giro helmets size guide aims to give you a simple reference of measurements for Giro bike helmets.

Choosing the best Giro helmet for your child

Based on your child's measurement, the Scamp provides the smallest size for your little one and the Dime offers the largest size in a skater-style for every day cycling. If you’re looking for a helmet for mountain and off road biking, the Giro Tremor will be the perfect choice.

To find the right size bike helmet for your child, please take a measurement of your child's head circumference. To take a measurement, wrap a tape measure around their head and keep the tape level the same from front to back.

Both the Giro Scamp and Giro Dime are available in three sizes. Please see below for size measurements for both helmets.

Giro Scamp

XS: 45 - 59 cm
S: 49 - 53 cm

Giro Dime

XS: 47 - 51 cm
S: 51 - 55cm

Giro Tremor comes in a new Unisize of 47-54CM.

All Giro helmets are fitted with the Roc Loc Jr. fit system, which allows you to adjust the helmet to ensure a perfect fit.

Offered in a range of colours and styles, you can be sure that you will find the best accessory for your child. Explore our range of cycling accessories here.

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