What is Bike Club?

We offer a flexible monthly subscription that lets you pay for your children's bikes as they use them, instead of having to shell out up front.  It costs around £6 to £15 per month, or up to £30 for specialist bikes. When your child grows out of the bike, you can simply exchange it for a bigger one. We'll help you reduce waste by sending the old bike to another home. 

Balance bikes can be exchanged for free after 12 months and after 18 months for all other bikes. Simply head to our website, choose your next bike and then we can deliver it to you, we will collect the old bike at the same time. 

Need to exchange sooner? Then don't worry, you can also exchange earlier for £19.99. If you don't need it any more, you can return the bike and cancel your subscription for £29.99.  This flexibility makes us different to any other bike provider in the world.

You can check out all the bikes we offer here. If you're not sure which bike would be best for you, use the personalised bike finder.

Who is Bike Club for?

Everyone who wants a high-quality bike with the flexibility of a modern subscription service.  We are focusing on kids bikes for now, but we may offer a range of adult bikes in the future, so we have an option for everyone in your family.

Our subscriptions are not intended for people who only want to hire a bike for one or two months: Bike Club is for families who want to get involved in cycling over the long term; reducing waste and saving money. 

Where does Bike Club operate?

Since we deliver the bikes to your home, we are available in the majority of the UK, excluding Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

How much does it cost?

Each bike has its own monthly membership fee.  These range from around £6 for a balance bike, up to over £30 for a specialised bike—most cost between £10 and £15.  We believe that this presents excellent value given the quality of the bikes and the flexibility of our subscriptions. 

Are the bikes any good?

You can order a new bike or what we call a reBike (a refurbished bike looking for a new home).

We only work with suppliers who maintain high standards of design and production.  All our kids bikes are strong and lightweight, which is very important to ensure your children aren't put off cycling for life by heavy, clunky bikes.

While the big-name chain stores will happily flog you a cheap bike, unfortunately many of these machines do not actually offer good value.  They are so heavy that they're difficult for children to handle, and they end up barely being used.

What if the bike is the wrong size?

This might be the first time you have ordered a bike online, so you might be worried about getting the right size for your child.  To give you peace of mind, if you measure your child correctly and we recommend you the wrong bike, you can receive a free exchange to the right size. Simply get in touch with us within 14 days of the delivery and as long as it's returned clean and in a good condition you can select another bike.

Note that if you have ordered the wrong colour, type of bike or ordered without measuring your child, you will not qualify for this service.

To make sure you get the right size first time, please use our interactive bike finder.

What about damage or theft?

We want our bikes to come back well-loved, so we completely understand if there are a few small scratches and a bit of wear.  If the damage falls outside of reasonable use, we may have to charge a fee to cover our repair costs.  This very rarely happens.

In the case of theft, we would charge you the value of the bike, with the monthly payments you've already made deducted from the price. Theft of kids' bikes is rare in the UK and is avoidable if you take proper precautions: always lock it up securely; don't leave it locked for long periods of time; and keep it indoors at night.

How are our reBikes cleaned?

Each of our reBikes is thoroughly cleaned with an alcohol based detergency, then rinsed and dried, before being repackaged and then delivered to their new home.

Who is behind Bike Club?

The company was founded in South London by a young couple, Alexandra Rico-Lloyd and James Symes, in 2016. Alexandra worked for the Mayor of London, while James was an accountant.

They started out packing up and sending bikes from their flat, trying to prove that the idea could work. They have now grown the business to become the largest private bike-sharing service in the UK, and Alex and James are now parents.

Can't find an answer to your question?

If you were after something else, please have a look around our help centre. It has information about placing orders, making exchanges, cancellations, and more.